Magnetically held rotary switch
in the style of the Boeing 737 aircraft


  • Isolated positions
  • Magnetically held momentary position
  • Cast body
  • Carbon steel bushing
  • Easy setup and operation

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Knobs and boards

Positions 1, 3 and 4 are isolated from position 2 by the means of a lock over the vertical axis of the switch actuator. The actuator has to be pushed in to unlock (approx. 4.5mm, maximum travel 6mm), only then positions 1, 3 and 4 can be selected. This locking feature is spring loaded - the switch actuator returns to locked position when released by the operator and the current switch position is 2.

Position 1 is spring loaded to return to position 2 when selected and the switch is released. The spring return position can be held in place by a holding solenoid, until the power to the solenoid is cut and the switch returns to position 2.

Those features completely replicate the behaviour of the Boeing 737 engine start switches.

For complete technical specification and usage guidance please download the product datasheet.

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In one word: Wow! Very good quality. - Piet Jan, Benthuizen, Netherlands

Thank you for your great product and your very well customer Service - Fabio, Weyhe, Germany