Presently, our shipping charges are fixed:

  • EU countries: 11.50EUR
  • Rest of the world: 13.50EUR
  • DHL Express**, regardless of location: 35.00EUR

Orders usually dispatch within two working days of making an order, but no later than 5 working days. Any bank holiday in Bulgaria is considered a non-working day. You may be contacted for address verification.

A tracking number is provided for all orders. Our shipping providers are Bulgarian Post and DHL, unless stated otherwise. Delivery times* as follows:

  • Shipping by Bulgarian Post to a country in Europe - 7 to 14 calendar days
  • Shipping by Bulgarian Post to the rest of the world - 10 to 30 calendar days
  • Shipping by DHL Express, regardless of location - 2 to 4 working days**

Below you can find average delivery times for some countries that we commonly ship to. This table applies only to packages shipped with Bulgarian Post.

Country USA Belgium France Brazil
Delivery time 12 days 7 days 5 days 31 days
Country Switzerland UK Spain Canada
Delivery time 15 days 13 days 9 days 18 days
Country Netherlands Italy Germany Turkey
Delivery time 7 days 8 days 9 days 14 days

* Be advised that delivery is not guaranteed within the period specified. Delivery times are provided for reference only.

** While DHL Express is a suitable shipping method for customers, who are looking to have their package delivered as soon as possible, there might be delays involved when the package is shipped to a country outside of the EU, due to customs clearance. The courier companies have a more complex customs procedures and are subject to more strict control, compared to regular postal services. Furthermore, there might be extra charges due to be paid to DHL for the customs procedures. The customer is responsible for paying those extra charges, when they exist, and to provide all required documentation to DHL so that the package can be released from customs. These issues do not arise when the package is delivered to a country in the EU.

When a package is to be delivered to a country outside of the EU, the package might be subject to customs control. Some countries have a duty-free threshold, where a shipment declared below that threshold value will not be subject to customs control. An example is the USA, where a shipment, declared below USD800, is free of import duties (please always visit official governmental sources of information to confirm import procedures).

If any import taxes or charges apply, they are due to be covered by the buyer.

Sometimes FlitePal Ltd. dispatches shipments with shipping company, which is an alternative postal service to Bulgarian Post, due to the service being more convenient and suitable to deliver to particular regions. The service is tracked and sometimes faster than Bulgarian post.

If lead time applies to a particular product, it should be added to the standard dispatch time. Lead time is announced on the product page where applicable.