FlitePal started commercial operation in the year of 2021. Inspired by the Boeing 737 aircraft, the company mission is to provide a high quality flight simulator products at affordable prices.

Today FlitePal is the only supplier of magnetically held toggle switches intended for flight simulator use. Our clients are many aviation enthusiasts throughout the globe that build their flight deck at home, as well as some flight schools that install our products in flight simulators used for professional pilot training.

One of the company's focus is making sure our clients have a smooth and trouble-free commercial experience. To this day we are proud to say that we maintain spotless reputation and are proactively supportive towards our clients to help successfully integrate FlitePal products.

FlitePal products are designed by professional engineers with rich background in their respective area of expertise. The products are built using high quality materials manufactured with low volume state of the art technologies, which ensures long service life and positive customer experience.